New Job Vacancies Lembaga Koko Malaysia (LKM)

Job Vacancies Lembaga Koko Malaysia (LKM)

New Job Vacancies Lembaga Koko Malaysia (LKM)

1. PEGAWAI PENYELIDIK Q41 / Q43 / Q47 / Q51 / Q53


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New Job Vacancies Lembaga Koko Malaysia (LKM)

The Malaysian Cocoa Board (MCB) or known as Lembaga Koko Malaysia (LKM) is a federal statutory research and development agency under the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Comodities (previously called Ministry of Primary Industries Malaysia). It was established under the Act of Parliament 343(incorporated) in 1988 and has been in operation since 1989. The main objective is to develop the cocoa industry in Malaysia to be well integrated and competitive in the global market. Emphasis is given to increasing productivity and efficiency in cocoa bean production and increasing downstream activities.

Research and Development (R&D) is the major activities of LKM. Research programmes and projects are carried out to address the various problems and needs of the cocoa planting and downstream industry. The objectives are to acquire know how and to develop technologies and planting materials that could lead to increase in productivity, reduction in production cost and labour requirement, improvement in the quality of cocoa beans and cocoa products, development of new range of cocoa products and new uses as well as enhancement in competitive edge of Malaysian cocoa beans and cocoa products.

Job Vacancies Lembaga Koko Malaysia (LKM)

Job Vacancies Lembaga Koko Malaysia (LKM)

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