Walk in Interview Tentera Darat Malaysia (TDM)

Tentera Darat Malaysia (ATM)

Walk in Interview Tentera Darat Malaysia (TDM)

Temuduga terbuka (Walk-in Interview) Tentera Darat Malaysia, pemilihan awal Perajurit Muda (Lelaki/Wanita) TD.
Pemilihan awal ini adalah sempena Sambutan Perarakan Raksasa Hari ATM Ke – 80.
Pemilihan Awal Perajurit Muda (Lelaki/Wanita) TD ini akan berlangsung pada :

Tarikh : 21 dan 22 September 2013
Hari Pertama : 10 Pagi – 10 Malam
Hari Kedua : 10 Pagi – 6 Petang
Lokasi/ Tempat : Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

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Walk in Interview Tentera Darat Malaysia (TDM)

The Malaysian Army (Tentera Darat Malaysia) is the land component of the Malaysian Armed Forces. Steeped in British Army traditions, the Malaysian Army does not carry the title ‘royal’ (diraja) as do the Royal Malaysian Air Force and the Royal Malaysian Navy. Instead, the title is bestowed on selected army corps and regiments who have been accorded the honour by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, who is the Supreme Commander of the Malaysian Armed Forces.

The first military units in Malaysia can be traced back to the Malay States Volunteer Rifles which existed from 1915 to 1936. The birth of the Malaysian Army came about when the Federal Council of the Federated Malay States passed the Malay Regiment Bill on 23 January 1933. This allowed the initial recruitment of 25 males for the First Experimental MalayCompany on 1 March 1933. Major G. McI. S. Bruce of the Lincolnshire Regiment was the first Commanding Officer.

By 1 January 1935, the Experimental Company became The Malay Regiment with a complement of 150 men. A battalion was formed on 1 January 1938 and eventually a second battalion on 1 December 1941.

Walk in Interview Tentera Darat Malaysia (TDM)

Walk in Interview Tentera Darat Malaysia (TDM)

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